1981 - White Vegan Organic Canvas
1981 - White Vegan Organic Canvas
1981 - White Vegan Organic Canvas
1981 - White Vegan Organic Canvas
1981 - White Vegan Organic Canvas
1981 - White Vegan Organic Canvas

1981 - White Vegan Organic Canvas

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The world’s only plastic-free, vegan white trainer, created in partnership with nature. 

Reimagine what is possible in footwear with an ethically-made, plastic-free and animal-friendly construction. Our 1981 white vegan trainer is a plant-based, sustainable first step towards a world of all-natural footwear. 

Uncompromising on style and comfort, our eco-friendly trainer merges classic lines with minimal ecological impact. A white organic canvas upper with white laces and white natural rubber soles make these 1981 vegan trainers an everyday essential to complete any look. And, ahem, voted number 1 sneaker by GQ. 

Every pair of these white sustainable trainers is lovingly handmade in Portugal from organic cotton with natural gum soles, hemp stitching and vegan conifer glue.

Our plastic-free rubber soles take a week to pour, bake and cure, resulting in a supple yet hard-wearing microstructure, containing thousands of tiny air bubbles. Combined with our unique Infinite Cloud insoles, this pair of white vegan sneakers provide unrivalled comfort.

So go ahead, challenge every established norm and be plastic-free and vegan from the ground up with a pair of WAES game-changing Hope white canvas trainers.

    • 100% plastic-free white vegan trainers
    • Organic nano quartz stain protection
    • White organic cotton
    • Hemp stitched
    • Vegan conifer glue
    • White laces
    • 99% plant-based (plus some metal eyelets) 
    • Infinite Cloud latex insole for mind-blowing comfort  
    • Handmade in Portugal 
    • Compostable at the end of life
    • Promotes natural foot movement  
    • Premium design without the ecological price-tag
    • Each shoe plants a mangrove with SeaTrees 

Our mission is to make your journey to sustainability effortless, and by working in partnership with nature, we create footwear in 100% natural and compostable materials.

Join us in changing the way shoe manufacturing is considered. Built from the sole up with its impact on our planet as our primary focus, this is a step in a positive direction. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Cyndi Feigenbaum
My second pair......

It is almost 1 & 1/2 years since my first pair. These are cut a bit larger and in fact fit better.
I am loving the bounce in my stride. I am walking strong with these. I love every minute in my new Waes Vegan Sneakers. After lacing them firmly I noticed that the pace of my walking accelerated.
The latex insoles are the charm. Making me a walking advertisement for Waes.

Comfortable & good-looking

The title pretty much says it. I was looking for new and sustainable sneakers and there are quite a few options already but most just use recycled materials and recycled plastics. While this is certainly better than using no recycled materials, its nowhere near as good as using no plastics at all.
Thats why I bought these sneakers and Im happy with them. They fit well, they're true to size in my experience and they're comfortable and look good👌

Finally plastic free shoes

I spent a lot of time searching for plastic free shoes. I wore these 3 days since I bought them an they have a retro, handmade feel, which I like. Packaging was amazing, a wooden box and a cotton pouch. Don't take these while raving, it's very tough to get the black stains out

Very comfortable!

A beautiful shoe. It's super comfortable. I found it rubs a bit at the heel compared to my other shoes. Possibly because the insole is so thick/cushy. But no blisters, so that's good!

Hannah Crossley
Super Comfy and exactly what I wanted

The shoes came quickly and were presented in a gorgeous box, packaged with no plastic at all <3 the shoes themselves are comfortable, fit well and seem quite warm. So far so good.


Our 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly trainers use only the highest-quality natural materials, which put people and the environment first. Every pair of WAES ethical footwear is a plastic-free, no compromise product. Using only sustainable materials and natural organic processes which prioritises the environment above profit.

100% Compostable

Once their repairable life is over, our compostable shoes break down into organic materials in ordinary composting, but only long after they have served a long and useful life which outstrips most footwear.

100% Natural Rubber Outsole

Our unique natural production process uses hand-poured rubber, which is cured for a week, and creates an alveolar microstructure of tiny networked air bubbles for unrivalled comfort and 100% sustainable trainers.

100% Plastic Free

Our eco shoes and trainers contain zero plastic, from the factory to your door, and including the packaging. We only use planet-friendly materials and natural organic processes which prioritise sustainability.

Organic Nano Protection

The last thing you'd usually want to do is get sand on your shoes, but our nano quartz coating utilises quantum physics to protect your kicks and keep them looking box fresh. And of course, it's sand, so it's completely natural and allows the shoe to breathe.

Life cycle of a circular plastic free trainer shoe
Life cycle of a circular plastic free trainer shoe

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