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2020: A carbon positive year

There's no doubt 2020 has to be the decade of action on climate collapse. At WAES we strived for carbon neutrality during our launch in 2019, and for 2020 we pledge to become carbon positive.

In business it is easy to dodge environmental responsibilities as you look after that bottom line. But it is increasingly clear that manufacturers cannot ignore the consequences of their environmental impact.   

At WAES, transparency underpins our ethical manufacturing philosophy and as we expand, our pledge is to bind carbon positivity into our core operating principles. And this isn’t just offsetting and then business as usual, it means addressing every aspect of our production process in addition to offsetting.

How will we achieve carbon positive? Well, a key part of this process will include restoring mangrove forests with the Sea Trees project, planting a tree for every shoe purchased. 

Mangroves store carbon down in the seabed and are more than five times as efficient at sequestering carbon compared to a rainforest tree. Plus, mangroves provide a valuable habitat and nursery for many ocean creatures and protect the coastlines which are close to our hearts and every day life here at WAES.

We’ll be sharing more on our progress and certification journey throughout the year. 

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