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Excellent shoes, excellent customer service

These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. Issues due to lockdown in the Uk and Portugal were dealt with impeccably by Rui and Ed.

Gorgeous trainers - dropped a ⭐️ for after sales

Gorgeous red suede trainers & incredibly walking on clouds!

Would be good to know what shoe care you recommend for suede...or is nano quartz protection all that’s needed?

Happy Feet!

My red suede trainers are completely gorgeous & oh so comfortable. Fabulous attention to detail from materials right down to the wooden box & info booklet!
So pleased I found you Waes!

Simple, lovely, feel good shoes


Super Comfy!!

Bought as a Christmas present for my son in law. They proved an excellent choice. Worn almost non stop since!!

Great shoes that are also ethical, win win!

LOVE my new shoes that look and feel great and fulfill such high standards with no plastic (hurrah) and vegan. LOVED the beautiful packaging ( also no plastic) especially the box and have not really taken them off since and feel proud to wear them. Thank you so much and keep up the good work. I will definitely be back for more

Really impressed

Order came very quickly, beautifully packaged and great quality. What has impressed me most is the Finnish of the shoes and how incredibly comfortable they are. Really nice to have a product that is both ethical and good quality. Will definitely order in the future. Keep up the great work.

Therapeutic and Comfortable sneakers

When I first put them on they did not fit my left foot while the right was perfect. This was because I am recovering from a broken heal in October 7, 2020. Since wearing them the swelling went down to zero. Preparing to get them stretched.
My experience now says this, these sneakers are perfect. I saved hundreds of dollars in custom insoles and special shoes. My hunch was the Organic cotton Canvass and Natural Lactae Hevea would work for me and I was right.
Thank you so much WAES.

Feeling a little bit smug!

I loved every bit of this purchase; from the great website and quick responses to ease of ordering and speedy delivery, to the actual joy of opening the box and finding the beautifully made trainers inside.
The 1970 trainers are as soft as slippers and look so good my eleven year old son suddenly thinks I’m quite cool !!
My feet love wearing them and they make me feel all warm inside too.
Please keep up the good work.
A thoroughly good complete experience.

WOW - These trainers are incredible

These are the most comfortable trainers i have ever experienced!! Ps thanks for the speedy delivery.

My favourite shoes!

I got one of the first pairs of these back at the start of 2020 and have worn them ever since. Now I've got a second pair and they're just as good. They might even be a bit better, as there's a little bit of extra room for the little toes.

It is wonderful to know at last that when you're walking around you're not polluting as you go, shedding microplastics everywhere.

And these shoes are really comfortable as well as simply stylish.

Thank you WAES!

Vegan Sneakers

They were a gift to my granddaughter and she loves them.

Heroes in zeros

They are not for me but my son, and daughter-in-law. I will see how they find them, after Christmas. And will let you know. I find them very comfortable having tried on a pair sent to my sister.

Very comfortable!

The shoes are very comfortable and warm! Also had a pleasant experience with the customer service: I asked a question about returning the shoes after their lifetime, and received a friendly reply soon after.

Perfect kicks

My second purchase from WAES and this is an amazing shoe, so comfortable and stylish with no plastic. Wow.

Heavenly shoes

I have never put my feet into anything more comfortable. They are sublime

Comfortable plastic free shoes

These shoes are comfortable, stylish, and grippy. Great buy.

Wonderful shoes

Extremely comfortable and reassuringly well built. And the red suede looks fantastic. Time will tell how well the nano-quartz protects the fabric - but I've been wearing a pair of the black leather 1970s all year and they still look as good as new, so I'm hopeful!

Blue suede shoes

Brilliantly comfortable and very stylish (PS good for the environment too)

Rocking the white shoes

Love these shoes, very minimal and still getting used to them. lightweight and old school looking which I like. they are very comfortable and I even wore them on a hike yesterday through sandy trails with no issues!!! But the eyelets are metal; compostable :)

Very comfortable

Love the simple classic sneaker style and the sole is very comfortable for all day wearing.

Loving these trainers

The most comfortable, stylish, and dope trainers I have ever owned. I will be back for more.
Keep up the amazing work.

Plastic Free & Compostable

Fantastic love the ethics the way to go ....
loving my first pair ....
All things should be designed & developed this way ...Awesome 💪🏼💥

Super comfy

Love the look of latest style and as comfortable as ever. They seem to go with everything. Love these shoes.

The 1970 - Black/Red Leather Trainer
Love them!

My second pair of shoes from WAES. Fabulous style, beautifully and sustainably made, and wonderfully packaged. These have to be the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn - thank you!