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Business Will Never Be Usual Again

We have been taking the time to assess our manufacturing and distribution in order to make sure any risks are minimised, and that we are doing everything we can before we decided to continue our journey. 

This is a heavy time for us all, and whilst it seems like an odd time to be selling footwear on our sweet new website, we are hoping to be part of what comes next. To buy less and to buy better for our shared environment. To rethink what’s important and support others where we can.

And we don’t need to tell you to stay at home, or that we owe a unredeemable debt to our medics, carers and supermarket workers. As a startup we can't manufacture ventilators, but if we can ease the tired feet of just a few nurses and doctors it'll be something.

To that end we will be donating every 10th shoe to our local NHS trust, after all our footwear is ridiculously comfortable and that’s what we do best. This is in addition to planting a mangrove tree with @sea.trees and beach cleaning with @surfersagainstsewage

If for any reason we can’t donate the shoes then we will donate the profit instead. 

And let’s hope that amidst all the pain there’s a change coming, a whiff of clean air and cleaner seas.

Stay isolated and stay safe.