The Water Collection is Now Live

The Water Collection is Now Live

Way back when the pandemic forced us all into lockdown, we decided to use the time to evaluate everything we were doing, and try and do it better.

Sustainability is more than just materials. To us, it also means the longevity of your shoes, an accessible price, and a good life for the people who make them. And then at the end of that product's life, it needs to be able to be reused or compost into natural materials.

As for the highlights? Well, that'll be a three-way tie between our new 1978 hightops, the 1981 lows and the sand we have used to coat the vegan and suede. Yep, that's sand on your kicks right out of the box.

And this is how your feedback works to influence us – we heard that organic cotton is great, but without a plastic coating, it can stain. And as for suede, forget about it, that stuff marks just looking at it. Our challenge was to make a natural product last like a plastic product.

Enter our nano quartz (sand) that bonds to the fibres at the microscopic level using quantum physics to create an almost permanent adhesive. This coating allows the individual threads to breathe whilst preventing staining and water ingress.

 Head on over to the Water Collection HERE