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WAES Plastic-Free sneaker Kickstarter launch details

Why are we going to Kickstarter? Simply put this process isn’t slowing anything up.  We are already steaming into full production and are itching to get the shoes on your feet just as soon as we can. Think Christmas presents for 2019.    

Fundamentally Kickstarter provides creators with a brilliant pre-order process and an extended lead time – which in turn allows innovators to start to produce at scale, but often the production button is only pushed once the project is funded. 

Our process is a lot faster than described above. We are already deep into the production of our sole moulds (each size requires a unique mould) and we are doing this come what may. If we don't have stock online for you to order before Christmas we'll eat our 100% biodegradable soles, which isn't half as bad for you as most shoes. 

The quickest and cheapest way to get your hands on a pair of shoes will still be to jump on our Kickstarter. Early bird prices will be limited in number so sign-up to the website for launch details and that first mover discount. 

We'll be seeing you really soon.